AZIO and INGICS Signed Agreement for future collaboration

Aug.18th, 2023. Taipei Taiwan: We are pleased to announce that AZIO and INGICS 

had officially signed an agreement to jointly expend the connectivity businesses. 

This collaboration will leverage the strengths and resources of both companies, and we 

hope to provide our customers and partners with high-quality products and services and 

create a better future together.

We believe that this collaboration will bring added value and opportunities to our 

customers and business partners. We are committed to providing excellent products and 

services through continuous innovation and improvement and creating greater benefits 

for our customers and partners.

AZIO Electronics Co., Ltd.

AZIO is an innovative company founded in 2011 to provide customers with innovative 

products by distributing and designing with worldwide advanced semiconductors.

AZIO’s products are used in a variety of markets, especially for consumer and niche 

markets for Greater China and Japan market. By providing both hardware and software 

solution, AZIO makes its customer and partner side adopt its solution easily. AZIO 

stands for from A to Z, connecting In and Out. For details, please visit at

INGICS Technology Co., Ltd.

“ Bridge BLE Beacon/Sensor Tag into IOT ”

We are a team of engineers specializing in the design, development, and manufacturing 

of devices focused on WiFi/BLE technology.

The BLE Gateway scans for proprietary beacons such as iBeacon and Eddystone, or 

BLE sensors, and sends the payload to TCP, HTTP, or MQTT servers. Users can easily 

configure the transmission interval and server endpoints through the web UI. 

The Beacon Gateway provides high accuracy and real-time data, assisting in the

tracking, management, and protection of valuable assets and resources.

For details, please visit at

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