AZIO and Smart Cube Signed MOU for future collaboration

January . 1st,2023. Taipei Taiwan : We are pleased to announce that AZIO and Smart Cube had officially signed a MOU (Memorandum Of  Agreement) to jointly expend the connectivity businesses. This collaboration will leverage the strengths and resources of both companies, and we hope to provide our customers and partners with high-quality products and services and create a better future together, especially for Japan and Taiwan markets.

We believe that this collaboration will bring added value and opportunities to our customers and business partners. We are committed to providing excellent products and services through continuous innovation and improvement and creating greater benefits for our customers and partners.

AZIO Electronics Co., Ltd.

AZIO is an innovative company founded in 2011 to provide customers with innovative products by distributing and designing with worldwide advanced semiconductors.
AZIO’s products are used in a variety of markets, especially for consumer and niche markets for Greater China and Japan market. By providing both hardware and software solution, AZIO makes customers and partners side easy to adopt its solution. AZIO stands for from A to Z, connecting In and Out. For details, please visit at 

Smart Cube Co., Ltd.

Industry 4.0 marks a drastic change to how we perceive manufacturing.

When reacting to this dynamic market, brands and manufacturers often face a tremendous cost when rebuilding the entire production system. Therefore, Smart Cube is here to provide a smarter and better way to monitor, optimize, and manage productivity, all without the high cost. For details, please visit at 

AZIO Electronics Co., Ltd., 及 Smart Cube Co., Ltd. 簽署合作協議

本公司很高興宣布,AZIO及Smart cube已經簽署合作協議,共同開發Connectivity等相關業務。此合作案將充分發揮雙方的優勢和資源,希望能夠為客戶和合作夥伴帶來更優質的產品和服務。

我們相信這份合作備忘錄的簽署將對我們的客戶和業務夥伴帶來更多的價值和機會。我們將不斷努力,通過不斷創新和改進, 提供更加卓越的產品和服務,並為客戶和合作夥伴創造更大的收益。

AZIO Electronics Co., Ltd.

AZIO是一家創新公司,成立於2011年,通過經銷和設計世界先進的半導體產品,為客戶提供創新產品。AZIO的產品應用於各種市場,特別是大中華地區及日本的消費性和利基市場。透過提供硬體和軟體整合服務,AZIO使客戶及用戶能夠輕鬆採用其解決方案。AZIO代表從A到Z,連接In and Out.

Smart Cube Co., Ltd.

工業4.0標誌著我們對製造業的認知發生了巨大變化。當品牌和製造商面對這個充滿活力的市場時,往往需要耗費巨大成本來重建整個生產系統。因此,Smart Cube提供了一種更智能、更優化、更有效的生產力監測、優化和管理方式,且不需要高昂的成本。

Right to left: Andy Chang, CEO of AZIO Electronics, Frank Chang, Co-funder of Smart Cube