sonyLogoThe application parts and components marketing headquarters of Sony Taiwan mainly supplies parts and components and computer peripherals to IT industries in Taiwan.The application of its products has been extended up to the general consumer products, and it can be divided into Semiconductor, Device Component, Energy three categories products.Wherein the image department, the market demand for different applications, providing a suitable semiconductor products parts. Surveillance cameras dedicated CCD / CMOS, mainly used in security control, manufacturing industries, or are coming home / small security control market.


limeLogoLime Microsystems specialises in field programmable RF (FP-RF) transceivers for the next generation of wireless broadband systems.These transceivers offer an unprecedented level of configurability and allow system designers to create wireless communication networking equipment that can be set and reconfigured to run on any wireless communications frequency and mobile standard.For all inquiry from Japan, please visit our strategy partner,Vitec.

Lime Microsystems announces crowd-funding initiative to take LimeSDR platform into mass production

LMS6002D-sLime-Chip LMS7002M


We strive to lead in the invention, development and manufacture of the Industry’s advanced Sensor technology.

We translate these technologies into values for our customer through our professional solutions

TouchScreen-sTouch Screen

TouchSensor-sTouch Sensor

LevelSensor-sLevel Sensor

SeatSensor-sSeat Sensor

the LIFE : 不論大人小孩都能享受的模擬養成遊戲!


台灣X日本共同開發的手機養成遊戲 “the Life” 初登場!!!


the Life 豐富的內容將帶給你不一樣的體驗


目前在google play和app store上開放免費下載囉!


Peeping Life





由智源電子子公司智佳創意和日本遊戲公司Hakobune合作開發的電子小說遊戲,”男主角”周旋在辦公室各高層間的戀愛,究竟 會如何開花結果呢?此遊戲採用遊戲內付費,快來體驗男男戀之間的火花吧!